Bonny's First Post-Op Run

We (Lan, Bonny, Paul Dateh and I) all flew to Oregon for Adam Wallenta's wedding, which I'll write about in a future blog... but here is a quick video of Bonny's first run after her surgery.

It was shot with a regular iPhone 3G (not 3GS) using the jailbroken iPhone app Cycorder. Cycorder allowed for ridiculously slow shutter speeds when it was dark... which made for some really cool effects with fast motion.

Also we learned that Paul Dateh doesn't run fast in a suit.

The Bui Brothers at the Madonna Inn

We went to San Luis Obispo yesterday to help a friend and aspiring wedding photographer, Bonnie Tsang, who was shooting her second wedding. We went mostly as support and to do a little second shooting... but we also took the opportunity to shoot a little video that we'll be putting out in the next few weeks. I'll probably post a few shots from the wedding one of these days, but here are a few shots that Lan and I did in another room during the reception when everyone was pretty much stuffing their faces... typically not the best time for photographs.

Lan at The Madonna Inn

Vu at The Madonna Inn

Bui Brothers at The Madonna Inn