Jay and Ryanne Photo Shoot

Jay and Ryanne are East Coast transplants documenting the green and geek communities in the SF Bay Area. Both are ex-television producers and editors who were born anew into the videoblogging world in 2004. Ryanne is the Co-Author of Secrets of Videoblogging; Jay is the Co-Author of Extreme Tech: Videoblogging. Both are the Co-Founders of NODE101 an open source collaborative effort to teach videoblogging around the world. They are, to me, a representation of what is great about new media. They met through videoblogging, and are two of the biggest new media evangelists I know. They contacted Lan and I, wanting photos that can capture their personalities... taken by someone who they can be comfortable around. Here is a preview... just a few selections I made while browsing through them. I'll be posting the rest to flickr when they're done.

See Lan's previews HERE.

Jay and Ryanne

Jay Dedman

Ryanne Hodson

Jay and Ryanne

Jay Jumping Over Ryanne