Coba Ruins - Yucatan, Mexico

Unlike Lan, I've been bad about blogging our trip to Cancun. Lawrence and Doug (Furious Photographers) flew us to Cancun to shoot a promo video for them... and shoot video for their 2 back-to-back weddings as well.

Everything went amazingly well... the weddings and a day after session are done... and yesterday we had a day to just hang out together. We decided to rent a car and drive out to the center of the Yucatan peninsula... and we ended up at Coba ruins.

The ruins at Coba are different from most... with all the structures being spread out through the jungle and attached only by white dirt roads that weave through the trees. Unfortunately we arrived pretty late and had less than an hour to hang out there, but it was still a great time. Lawrence, Doug, Lan and Tawny got free bikerides back to the entrance afterwards... while I jogged the 2km back. It was hot and sweaty, but I got to check out a few things they didn't.

Our crew (plus Tawny) on top of the ruins:

ruinsphoto by Doug Chan

Ok now watch.

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