The Bui Brothers at the Madonna Inn

We went to San Luis Obispo yesterday to help a friend and aspiring wedding photographer, Bonnie Tsang, who was shooting her second wedding. We went mostly as support and to do a little second shooting... but we also took the opportunity to shoot a little video that we'll be putting out in the next few weeks. I'll probably post a few shots from the wedding one of these days, but here are a few shots that Lan and I did in another room during the reception when everyone was pretty much stuffing their faces... typically not the best time for photographs.

Lan at The Madonna Inn

Vu at The Madonna Inn

Bui Brothers at The Madonna Inn

The Bui Brothers Vlog Promo 1

The Bui Brothers are preparing to unleash upon the world a new vlog... unlike any you have seen. Or maybe it's somewhat like some you have seen, but different in certain ways. What ways, you ask? I guess you will have to wait and see! And don't be disappointed if it's really not all that different from other vlogs you've seen... or even exactly the same as some... because thinking makes us tired.