Bonny Pierzina and the New Ring Flash

I received my new Alien Bees ABR800 ringflash last Wednesday... and have anxiously waited to have time to try it out. Finally yesterday I came over to Lan and Bonny's garage... set up some lights... and did a quick shoot. So far I really like it. I do need to make sure to not overuse it... but when you have something new that's inevitable. All the shots below are with the ringflash and 2 strobes behind and to the left and right of Bonny... at about a 45 degree angle or so. It took some time to get it right, and I was adjusting throughout... but I'm pretty happy with the way they are turning out. One thing I didn't realize that I'm going to have to rectify is that I definitely need an ND filter... many of the shots were done with the ringflash set to minimum power (1/32). Some were still too bright, at ISO 100 f/16. It definitely reminded me that I need to clean my sensor, though. Damn that thing's dirty... shooting wide open all the time I tend to forget that.

Eddie Grey - Personal Trainer

Eddie Grey is an awesome personal trainer out of Studio 1 on 1 in Venice. Keats, Lan and I shot promotional photos of him on Thursday, and here are some of my favorites. As it turns out, the body builder types we see gracing the covers of insecurity-inducing magazines at the checkout stand typically go through quite a bit for a couple weeks before a photo shoot... Eddie educated me a little bit on this. No amount of carb dropping or forced dehydration, however, can fake what's not there... Eddie is the MAN and he is in SHAPE.

Eddie Front

Eddie Curl

Eddie Pull Up

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