Shootsac Lens Giveaway

I am not a designer. The being said, I'm actually pretty proud of myself for putting together the page for the new Shootsac promotion. Lan and I did the video (Lan's post work on this one was AWESOME) and I put together the page with a good deal of input and advice from Keats. It's done in a very old way (tables and crappy html code), but I did everything on the page except design the logo (made the poster, buttons, etc...) I've checked it in multiple browsers and everything seems ok with it, so the fact that it looks decent is all that matters.

This may seem like a pretty inconsequential thing... but I have a long history (8 years or so) of making really crappy looking websites and pages. This is the first time EVER that I have put together something that doesn't look like it was done by a five year old, or maybe a monkey.

To top it all off it's also a GREAT promotion. Spend $75 at the Shootsac store during the month of May and be entered to win the lens of your choice up to $1800 on Adorama. The odds of winning are actually quite high compared to most contests or promotions you will find out there, so it's pretty exciting. Check it out.

Shootsac Lens Giveaway


I am deathly ill. Ok that might be a slight exaggeration... but it does feel that way. I haven't felt this sick since I had malaria... and that's saying a lot.

Anyhow... besides the sickness it led to, WPPI was awesome. Shootsac did very well (which was the only true goal I had for the trip) and I met lots of great people. Ally Stepp was one of our volunteers and she turned out to be very cool. Lee was of course fun and great. Hanging out with Orbie Pullen, Rebecca Meredith and Aaron Dieppa was one of the highlights of the trip (oh and thanks to Orbie for teaching me to play craps). I met some great people at Becker's party and tons more at the booth itself. Too bad I can't remember half of them, but luckily I got business cards!

The craziest thing from the trip besides the blackout was that it was snowing on the drive to Vegas. Actually... snowing is an understatement... it was practically a mini-blizzard. I haven't seen snow come down like that since I was but a wee lad in upstate New York. Crazy.

Joshua Tree in Snow

I didn't really have much time to shoot anything while we were in Vegas outside of the video we did at Becker's party... but I did snap off a few stills while we were testing the the new Arri fresnels I bought (they were brand new and I had only turned them on once) while we were still in our room the night before the big event (see below). I love these lights! I chose a 650W and two 300W. I got barndoors for each of them, a couple scrims and filters... and a really nice softbox that works perfectly with the 650W. You'll get to see some examples of our final lighting setup on the B School Blog soon.

Lee Keller, Ally Stepp, Bonny Pierzina:


Ally Stepp and Lan Bui:


The drive home was uneventful and a little sad... there has been months of buildup to this event... I literally did nothing more than prepare for it for the week and a half preceding it... and then suddenly it was over. Keats had warned me it would be this way, but I didn't believe her. It's not that I don't have anything to do... there's lots to do with Shootsac, there's lots to do on The Bui Brothers side of things... and I even have some Vu Bui photo shoots coming up. But I feel a bit lethargic despite all that... then again being deathly ill may have something to do with it.