NYC Umbrella Deaths

It rains in NYC. This I know. Coming from California, it's easy to forget that yes, it does rain in other places. It's raining here now, though, in usually sunny southern California... and it reminded me of NY.

As a kid I used to LOVE thunderstorms. I'd turn off the lights and sit at an open window and enjoy. I wasn't much for sitting still back in those days (or even now) but I could sit at that window for an hour, just watching and listening and smelling and waiting for the lightning and THUNDER. Nowadays I'm not so lucky... there aren't often thunderstorms here, and even if there were I wouldn't be able to enjoy ALL of the old sensory stimulation... sitting in the middle of lots of asphalt and concrete doesn't quite do it justice.

That being said, I did sleep VERY well last night... and I attribute it entirely to the rain.