365 Days of Natalie

Over a year ago I came across Bill Wadman's 365 Portraits project. It was extremely inspiring. Bill shot a portrait of a new person every day for the year of 2007, and they were great. It seemed to me that sometimes he had to just pull people off the street, especially in the beginning, but the portraits were mostly great, and some were fantastic. I had tried to think of a great 365 project that I could try myself, and after briefly contemplating a 365 iPhone portraits project then dismissing it (thankfully, because that would have sucked)... I decided instead to attempt a more common endeavor... 365 self portraits, but I really wanted them to be creative and interesting and not just a lame attempt at recording how bad my hair was on a daily basis. I started on January 1st, and ended 31 days later. The results are here.

So... as 2009 approached, I thought of something more challenging but also certainly more fun, and asked Natalie Williams if she would be willing to commit to 365 days of unique portraits of her. That meant that we would need to be able to meet up every single day of the year and shoot a new photo... all while being creative and unique... or at least trying to. To my surprise, on the night of December 31st, she said yes.

My absolute favorite so far is the 10th portrait of the year. It has a lot of meaning behind it, which you can read about on the original post. It is a dedication to Natalie's grandmother whose funeral was on the day of the shoot.


Before that photo, my favorite was the first one we took, around 2am on the 1st of Jan, 2009, at Central Park in Huntington Beach, in the thick fog. It was a creepy night so we complemented it with a creepy photo.


Check out 365DaysofNatalie.com and subscribe to the feed. It's a little screwed up because of the theme I chose for the site right now and doesn't actually display the photo. which is stupid stupid stupid... but it will be fixed shortly. Also there is no archive page just yet, but that's coming as well.

We also plan on doing behind the scenes videos of our bigger shoots with more elaborate lighting setups to share some of the lighting techniques I use that people have asked about. Those are coming... just as soon as we have time for a big production day!

I'm excited about what's coming, especially some of the bigger shoots we've planned out, which will make the normal days pale in comparison. Natalie has been an awesome partner on this project and is thankfully at times much more creative than I am... so I have faith that the year is going to produce some amazing results.