Adobe Photoshop Express

This one is good for all my non-photographer friends who just like to take photos and maybe do some simple edits to them. I assume most of the photographers I know actually own a copy of Photoshop...Adobe has just released a beta of Photoshop Express... which is basically a scaled down FREE version of Photoshop that you can actually use on the web. There are no layers or filters or complex brushes... but the truth is that for 99% of the photos that are posted on the web you really don't need any of that. It's more than enough to take your decent photos and make them look great.

Photoshop Express

That being said there's still a pretty impressive list of adjustments and tools for an online application.


The Touchup feature works really simply... you choose the size of the spot you want, click the area in the image you want to touch up, then a red circle comes up which you can move to find the spot you want to use to blend into.

Photoshop Express Retouch

There are also liquify-type effects that you can use... for entertainment purposes only, of course.

Photoshop Express Liquify 2

I'm not going to do an in-depth feature review... but this is definitely a great tool for amateurs or those who just want to perform basic edits before posting their photos online or having them printed. Check it out.