Eating Fire for Independence

On July 4th I went over to Tracie's to hang out and enjoy the evening with her and her friends Ribbin and Dave. I had planned on picking up fireworks on the way over... just to light and enjoy a little... nothing big, loud or fancy... just some sparklers (which yes, are completely lame now) and maybe one of those spraying sparkly brick thingies.

Unfortunately all the fireworks booths I could find had closed already. What??? It was 9pm on Independence Day... surely there was one open catering to those who had procrastinated and not bought fireworks until the last minute!


So... having failed my mission, I showed up empty handed. After we climbed down from the roof (we enjoyed Disneyland's fireworks show from the roof of the garage) I got a replacement idea. I had watched an episode of Scam School with Brian Brushwood where he shows some people how to eat fire with nothing more than cotton balls... and.. well... fire.

This is what ensued.

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