Japan Nite at The Viper Room | iPhone Photography

When Joe Philipson asked me to accompany him to Japan Nite at The Viper Room over the phone from Austin while he was hanging out at the SXSW Music Festival I just said yes. I didn't really even know what the heck he was talking about. Seriously... it sounded cool... but I still had no idea. It wasn't, in fact, until we actually got to The Viper Room on the night of ??the concert that I even found out exactly what was going on. A bunch of Japanese bands playing one after the other at a really cool LA venue. There was Chatmonchy, JinnyOops, Red Bacteria Vacuum, Omodaka and OKAMOTO'S. Ok, this I could dig... if I like the music.

I did.

My favorite band was JinnyOops, although the version I loved was not the full band... as they were missing their horn players... but I do still enjoy their recorded music very much!

I brought my iPhone and the Olympus E-P2 that I have on loan from Olympus... and was amazingly impressed with both cameras. I haven't really used the iPhone for much, but recently downloaded Hipstamatic app and have been shooting some fun shots with it... and I used it on the crazily lit stage with some pretty cool results.

OKAMOTO'S via iPhone regular camera app: Okamoto's at Japan Nite at The Viper Room

OKAMOTO'S via iPhone Hipstamatic app: Okamoto's at Japan Nite at The Viper Room

chatmonchy via iPhone Hipstamatic app: Chatmonchy at Japan Nite at The Viper Room

OKAMOTO'S via Olympus E-P2 : Okamoto's at Japan Nite at The Viper Room

JinnyOops via Olympus E-P2 : JinnyOops at Japan Nite at The Viper Room

You can see the entire set HERE.

I'm looking forward to shooting more with the iPhone and a LOT more with Hipstamatic. I didn't do much with the Olympus this night... but it's been amazing otherwise... so some great images should be forthcoming.

Paul Dateh Live Streaming Concert

Well, the concert went off without MUCH of a hitch. We ended up starting almost a half hour late due to audio issues, but once we got started the show was awesome... and both the live and the internet viewers had a blast. After the show we went out to the back balcony (Keats' place is awesome!) and had snacks, pizza and conversation. All in all... awesome night. I shot a few photos outside... love the metal siding background thing. Unfortunately it was only about 5' tall so I had to sit people down... but it worked out. I'll post more shots to Flickr tomorrow or so.