My Self Portraits

In 2008 I started a slightly-too-ambitious project of shooting a creative self portrait every day of 2008. I got through 31 days... then sorta failed. The problem was I hadn't left any room whatsoever to even miss a single day... or a single minute. The photo HAD to be taken between midnight and 11:59:59pm. That was... dumb. Once I had missed a day... the project was immediately a failure... and I just stopped. So... I've decided to bring back my self portraits... but this time without the necessity of them being daily... or really any restrictions. I just want to start shooting and posting them again... and this time I'll bring it to my blog instead of just flickr... especially because this new blog does such a good job with categories. New category... Self Portraits.

Here are some of my favorites from back in the day:

Self as Not So Well Hidden Body - January 31st, 2008

Self Backlit in the Hyatt - January 4th, 2008

Self Walking Through Toronto Hilton Parking Lot in the Cold

Self In Chair Through Mirror In Toronto

Self and Paddle About to get Violent - January 27th, 2008