It's #ResetTheNet day. If you click the image above, the fine folks at Fight For The Future will do a better job of explaining what and why and how you should protect yourself than I could. Even if you're the type of person who thinks that you're doing nothing wrong in your life so there's nothing to fear if people or governments have access to your data, your photos, your messages, etc... giving up your freedom to privacy just means you will never get it back. It's easier to protect something you have than to fight to get back something you've lost or given away.

While it may sound paranoid to some to think that a true Big Brother situation exists or even could exist in the US and other "democratic nations"... we have seen that it absolutely does. For now, for most people, information of yours is only being read, gathered, stored, etc... and nothing is being done with it. But that could change.

Then there are simple things you can do to protect yourself from other very real threats... like enabling two factor authentication on everything that allows it, using different passwords for each account you have, and securing your phone, laptop, tablet with at minimum a passcode, if not a more secure password. Enabling things like Find My iPhone or Prey will also go a long way towards securing your property and data. 

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to these things, but even I use two factor authentication on all my online accounts that allow it, via Authy, which you can use instead of Google Authenticator. Either is great though. I don't use a secure chat service or secure email... but maybe that's the next step for me. 

Anyway, check out and watch the video and at least do ONE thing they suggest. Maybe you'll be completely secure in no time!