Airplane Crashing Fears

I fly a lot, and luckily I'm not nervous or afraid of flying. But every single time my flight takes off, as it lifts off the ground I start picturing it crashing. Usually suddenly and with some sort of abrupt roll to the right, smashing to the ground upside down and with no hope of survivors.

And every time, after a short period of these thoughts which do strike a level of fear in me, my fears are taken to a new level. I wonder if my latent telekinetic powers are going to suddenly kick in and because I'm picturing the plane rolling suddenly to the right and coming down to the ground, ensuring my demise, it will actually happen. I wonder if it's possible, then become quite certain it is.

I'm then left with the much more difficult task, at least for me, of trying to picture the plane smoothly continuing its ascent. But I realize I'm not at all educated enough on flight to know what all must happen in order to ensure this smoothness. What if I make the plane go up too fast and the engines stall? What if my unexpected taking control of the plane freaks out the pilots and they do something rash and overcompensate a correction and cause a crash. Would I be able to correct their miscorrection? As anyone who's ever seen a coming of age superhero movie knows, that initial time period of superhuman powers coming to life can be confusing and scary at best, or completely out of control and dangerous at worst.

Then I quickly try to think about something else, something that if my mind powers suddenly made true wouldn't be disastrous for myself and fellow passengers. And usually once I start forcing myself to think of something unrelated to the flight I actually get distracted and my mind goes back to its regularly scheduled aimless wandering. Where it belongs.

So far I've yet to cause a crash, or even some light turbulence. But that doesn't stop me from worrying on every single flight.