Vote for Lydia Shannon | Identity Kitchen $3,000 Branding Contest

I don't want to go so far as to actually lay claim to anything she's doing right now... but Lydia spent most of WPPI with Lan and I and is truly embracing videoblogging and things we've spoken with her about in her business... and for that (in addition to her fantastic talent as a photographer) I believe she is the perfect candidate to win the Identity Kitchen contest for a $3,000 identity (branding package). Lydia is talented, kind, genuine, hilarious (usually) and best of all in my eyes understands transparency in her business... even though she is really just beginning to show it. Let's just say she learns quickly. She's also a finalist in the contest... and needs comment votes.

Take a couple minutes out of your day, check out her entry post, and leave a comment of support to vote for her (each comment is a vote, I believe it's one vote per person). She doesn't have a large following (being new in the business) so her social reach is still small (but strong, 60 votes so far!)... she definitely deserves and NEEDS this, so I'm reaching out on her behalf. ;)

Her entry video:

Her entry images:

Lydia Shannon Child Photographer

Lydia Shannon Child Photographer

Lydia Shannon Child Photographer

Identity Kitchen is Ellen Petty and located not far from me in SoCal at the Noho Lofts. I'll admit I hadn't heard the name Identity Kitchen until this contest... but so far I really like what I see... so I think Lydia will be in good hands.


(this post was written on my iPhone, excuse any fat-fingered typos)