Tofurious SEO Workshop | It Worked For Me

Although I'm in a couple of the testimonial videos saying what I think not only of the Tofurious SEO Workshop itself but also of SEO in general, I wanted to actually write out a few short things about my experience with all of this so far.

As a disclaimer... Lawrence is my friend. But he became my friend BECAUSE when Lan and I met him we immediately believed in what he was doing... it was smart, effective and HONEST. In an industry full of people trying to sell you CRAP they learned at the last workshop THEY attended, it was refreshing to come across someone who worked hard for a long time on their own without help to gain the knowledge they are now bringing to the world.

I took Lawrence's workshop back in June, and one of the things you'll learn when you take it is that you should kind of have an idea of WHAT you are. If you're a wedding photographer... you will optimize for that and the things that go along with that... if you're a portrait photographer or a dog photographer you'll optimize for THAT. I am a... well... no one ever really knows. I do so many things that it's hard to tell people what I do in a short sentence. So... I decided to choose ONE thing that if people knew me as JUST that, I'd at least be content. I knew this might change any time... but I was really just excited to test out what I'd learned at the workshop.

I decided I wanted to be considered a fashion photographer. It's not a stretch... because although fashion photography isn't my sole profession... there is a good deal of that style in all that I shoot. I googled for it and found that a LOT of people consider themselves fashion photographers... and that competition to rank for that term was going to be pretty fierce. I also found that a lot of people are searching for fashion photographers in LA and OC... so I wanted them to find ME!

So... I did a few things. They were simple and didn't take long... in fact I only spent part of a day "optimizing" some of the main points of my site that needed to be done... and since then I've posted 3 photo shoots that were "fashion-ish" and included the things I learned from Lawrence, each time you create a blog post you spend a few extra minutes (less than 5) to optimize it.

Then I got really busy with other things, and sorta forgot all about my attempt to be known (at least by Google and those searching there) as a fashion photographer.

Until today. I decided to check and see where my optimization had gotten me. I was going for something that a LOT of other photographers are already optimized for in Orange County and ESPECIALLY in Los Angeles. After all... the LA/OC area is obsessed with fashion. And I was REALLY surprised to see the results.

As of today my site comes up on the front page of Google for each of these searches:

"orange county fashion photography" "orange county fashion photographer" "los angeles fashion photography" "los angeles fashion photographer"

I have to say that I am floored. To have done a few tweaks then change the way I posted a few blogs (mind you I didn't do EVERYTHING I was supposed to from the workshop) and now come up on the first page of Google for fashion in LA and OC??? Wow. So... NOW I'm moving on to the rest of the lessons... I'm going all out... I want to be the FIRST result. Granted, that's not going to be easy... but I'm going to try... and thanks to Lawrence I now know how.

If you can attend this workshop, DO IT. It works, in an honest yet effective way that won't get you banned from Google (this has happened to people I know because they hired "SEO experts" with practices that "bent" Google's rules). It WILL get you the results... apparently even if you just half-ass it like I did.

So do it. But don't optimize for fashion photography in LA or OC... because I will hate you.

Oh, and if you're not convinced, watch this video. Lawrence explains a bit of this story, how it relates to YOUR story... and how and why SEO is the way. At the end are some of the biggest names in the wedding industry giving their praise to Lawrence and the Tofurious SEO Workshop. Enjoy!