Holga Fashion Photography - Carlie Renee

Amy, Ashley Rose, Ashley (not Rose) and Carlie asked me to come down and light a fun fashion photography shoot they wanted to do of Ashley Rose... with wonderful makeup and styling (as always) by Carlie. I brought the Alien Bees down to Ladera Ranch, we climbed a hill... and photographic adventure ensued. I wasn't really there to shoot, just sorta show them how I'd light the various things they wanted to shoot... since they are all wedding photographers they wanted to learn a little about fashion lighting when it's dark. Lighting is just one of those things that isn't the most obvious thing to figure out, and having a little guidance from someone who does photographic lighting often can make a big difference.

I brought my Holga which I had just cleaned out and loaded with film the day before... and decided to take a few shots of Carlie while we were all set up. I didn't bother dialing in exposure or trying to get anything perfect... just had Carlie pose how she wanted and I snapped off 11 shots. These are the 5 I like. No PS, just Lightroom adjustments because the exposure was WAY off. I didn't even remove the dust.

I see more Holga Fashion Photography in my future.

Carlie Holga

Carlie Holga 2

Carlie Holga 3

Carlie Holga 4

Carlie Holga 5

Holga photography is a lot of fun. You get unexpected results, not just from the camera but from yourself. Through the crappy little plastic viewfinder things look a little different, and so you look at things a little different. Also, looking through a square is a different experience as well, your cropping is completely new and fresh. Basically what I'm saying is that you should go and buy one. Just PLEASE don't buy one from Urban Outfitters with their flashy colors and $45 price tag.

Go to Freestyle Camera and get one for $28 or click the photo below to buy from Amazon (it's the same price as Freestyle but I get like $1.20, which is cool) and have some FUN.

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