My First 911 Call

I just called 911 for the first time in my life about a half hour ago.?? I need to wake up in 3 hours to go shoot some crazy crane move at CHLA... but I thought I'd jot this down really quickly first. I was coming down the 22 East... passing the 5... when I noticed a newer silver BMW 7-series swerving back and forth between the carpool and fast lanes.?? I thought it might be someone just taking the turns a little tightly... or being a jackass... but after we passed Main St. I figured that he/she (after this I'm gonna just refer to this loser as a "he) was drunk.?? The driver started to slow down... and I wasn't going to pass him for fear of being rear-ended... he'd gone from 75 to about 45 in a short amount of time... and I wasn't going to risk him ramping back up behind me.

As we approached Tustin, it seemed like he was moving towards the exit... but a little too slowly... the nice new BMW smashed right through a large road sign - the kind held up by a wooden 4x4 - and then swerved back on the freeway and kept driving.?? It was at this point - maybe 2 minutes after I first noticed the car - that I called 911.?? I gave the officer the info on what I had witnessed, told him that there was probably a large sign sitting as a hazard in the road on the Tustin exit, and gave him the color make and model of the car as well as the license plate, lastly mentioning that the car looked pretty beat up by the sign and had the front bumper hanging off the side.?? By the end of the call we were on the 55 South passing the 5, I had my flashers on behind him because he was driving about 30 mph.

As we approached MdFadden, it looked like he was finally going to exit... but as we started to get off he must have suddenly realized it wasn't his exit (SOME of his brain cells were still functioning) and he swerved back towards the freeway, over the curb, and back into the traffic lanes... and since I wasn't about to pull any death-defying (or death-inviting) moves of my own... he lost me and I drove home.

I do wonder if CHP responded and went after him... or if he made it home.?? Neither would surprise me.?? There is also the chance that he got into a larger accident... he was totally out of it and nearly crashed multiple times during the 5 minutes I was tailing him.

I hope that's not the case.?? I'd like to think he's in the back of a cruiser right now... and once he gets out he'll pay some hefty fees to get his smashed car out of impound.?? I doubt he'll learn his lesson, but it's the best I can hope for (unless I want to hope that he just wrecked his finely tuned German automobile on the side of the road... but that wouldn't be nice to wish on his friends and family).