Paul Dateh Seekrit Concert Show

Most of the people who know me probably also know Paul Dateh. Most people who know me also know that I am gifted with musical talent. Er... yeah. Talent.

Paul Dateh, on the other hand, is blessed with ACTUAL musical talent. That's why one of his You Tube videos has had over a million and a half views. That's why he's being suddenly flown all over creation to play. He is recording a new album, which is coming out this year. And he's funny.

And you get to see him. Free. From the comfort of your own home. In your underwear or even naked, if you so choose.

Tonight, May 25th, 2008... at 5PM Pacific time, Paul and guitarist Ken Belcher will be playing an intimate set, in front of a small live audience, that will be broadcast live over the internets. Yes, you read correctly, the internets.

Go to to check it out. You'll be able to chat live with other viewers and also ask questions or make comments that Paul will be addressing during breaks between some of the songs. Ask him some cool things... like "why is the sky?" or "where do babies go in the night?" Questions of meaning. Questions of substance. Questions whose answers will validate your very existence.

So set an alarm, invite some friends over, and when 5 o'clock shows up, bask in the glory that is music.

Here's an amazing animated promo that Paul made. Cutting edge graphics are the name of the game, folks.