Bonny Pierzina and the New Ring Flash

I received my new Alien Bees ABR800 ringflash last Wednesday... and have anxiously waited to have time to try it out. Finally yesterday I came over to Lan and Bonny's garage... set up some lights... and did a quick shoot. So far I really like it. I do need to make sure to not overuse it... but when you have something new that's inevitable. All the shots below are with the ringflash and 2 strobes behind and to the left and right of Bonny... at about a 45 degree angle or so. It took some time to get it right, and I was adjusting throughout... but I'm pretty happy with the way they are turning out. One thing I didn't realize that I'm going to have to rectify is that I definitely need an ND filter... many of the shots were done with the ringflash set to minimum power (1/32). Some were still too bright, at ISO 100 f/16. It definitely reminded me that I need to clean my sensor, though. Damn that thing's dirty... shooting wide open all the time I tend to forget that.