The [ b ] School

Ok, so I'm not very good about keeping up with blogging. I have never been much of a blogger, I always figured that no one really cared much for what I had to say unless it was something really important. Considering, though, that I have very low readership here... I guess I might as well just start saying whatever the heck I want to, and maybe I'll even start posting videos again. Maybe. Anyhow, Lan and I have been working on a project with wedding photographer [b]ecker, we shoot daily videos for the [ b ] School blog, they teach new and experienced wedding photographers tips and tricks to help out their business. We actually had a great shoot yesterday, which included a visit from Jasmine Star. She's very sweet.

Working on the [ b ] School project has exposed me to lots of information and people in the photography world. It's an invaluable experience. If you are interested in starting a photography business or even if you already have, you will love the free tips and info you can get on the video blog. The videos will be posted daily until WPPI in March, at which time we'll be launching the main site. Check it out!