The Winnies

It's been a while since I've really written anything here, just a few video and photo posts, but I'd like to record a little about The Winnies. Irina Slutsky came up with the concept and started planning The Winnies, and she brought Lan, Bonny and I on as organizers to handle the logistics and website. Truthfully Lan handled almost ALL of the website and did an awesome job with it. Anyhow, between the four of us we organized what I believe to be a successful event. People had fun (the open bar didn't hurt), they loved the red carpet photo booth we had set up, and the best part was that people actually showed up. By the hundreds.

Luis took the "official" photos... about 1,500 of them... and they're all available here on Flickr. Here are just a few of my MANY favorites...

The Organizers:


Team Noodle Scar:


Jumping With Annie: