Pixelodeon was an awesome event held by some very cool people at the American Film Institute in Hollywood. about page. (it's actually the one posted above) It was basically a place to showcase a wide variety of videos to be found online from of an amazingly diverse array of content producers... and more than that it was a place to come together and talk to people... people you wouldn't normally get to talk to.Interviews on the interviews page. And if you didn't get to go to the event, check out the keynotes by some really awesome people, including Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab, Fred Seibert, Kent Nichols and Goug Sarine. (keynote videos also done by The Bui Brothers, though we didn't really have to do much except set up the cameras!)

I am seriously looking forward to next year's event. It was amazing how well this one turned out, the execution was nearly flawless, which is honestly rare for this type of thing. Next year will prove to be even better, I'm completely confident they'll pull it off.