Vietnam... what to do? (oh, and new job)

I'll be leaving for Vietnam in two months and a week. I'll be staying there for 1 month. During that month I hope to do the best photography and video of my life. Either way it will be a great experience, I am sure. I also finally started a regular job again. It's been 8 months since I quit Oakley. They were nice enough to hire me even though I have a month's vacation scheduled for July... and I really like the company... but it really does hurt to make 30% less than my last job. I also no longer have my own office, I have to clock in and out, I am a bottom-tier employee with no subordinates... there is a lot to get used to. The good thing, and the thing that I was looking for... is that it's a regular 8 to 5 job, not life-comsuming in the way that Oakley was. The bad thing is that I'm already liking the company a lot and can see myself committing to a long long time there if all goes well. I guess we'll see.

Anyhow... back to Vietnam. I am really excited about the trip... I was born here in the states, raised here... then sent to Vietnam for 2 years during high school to learn the language and my father's heritage. During that time I did enjoy my stay... it had its down points, like malaria and a few other unpleasant moments... but it was ok in general. Going now, though, on a vacation will be great. I expect to thoroughly enjoy my time. Also, now I'm a photographer and videographer... and my only real problem right now is trying to decide on whether or not to bring the big video camera. It's so heavy... and I will have to carry it everywhere... and it will interfere with my photography. Then again, I want to get some footage while I still can of certain things... certain family members... the condition of the towns and people right now... various things that will change greatly in 5 years' time. I know it will be already quite a bit different than the Vietnam of 12 years ago... but I don't yet know how much.

So... I guess I'll have to see. July = Vietnam.