Shades of Gray

I have watched lots of short films, and lots of vlogs, and lots if vidoes of various things on the internet. This one, as far as planned comedy is concerned, is definitely one of the best. Completely worth watching. I'm right now downloading the iso for the DVD, but since my router sucks I am having problems and probably won't have it for a few more days... but here's the thing... I'm not pirating it. For whatever reasons, probably not the least of which is the fact that the creator, Jesse Cowell, didn't get the licensing rights to the music he used for the film, he is not selling the movie. He instead has a compressed version available for download, and a DVD version floating around on the "Play It Forward" system. The premise is that he basically made a bunch of copies of the DVD and gave them out... and only asked that they in turn make copies and give them out... and so on and so forth. This method of distribution, while not a way to make money, is an awesome way to get something widely distributed and seen by lots of people with minimal costs. It's genius. It's also available via torrent, which is how I am downloading it.

The movie is basically a comedy about a pack of friends who decide to teach their one kinda asshole of a friend a lesson for all the bad things he's done to them over the years. The premise is pretty simple, but the story plays out very well and the characters are all different and very dynamic, yet work together in a strange sort of way. The entire film was shot for $2,000, which is awesome... though of course if they had actually paid for all the music they used it would have been significantly higher.

It's really worth the 290MB or so download to watch the web version of the movie, but if anyone wants a copy of the DVD, just let me know and I can probably send you one, once I have finished downloading it. If not you can get it via the torrent file.

It's inspiring to see work like this... so what am I going to do with this inspiration? Hmmm...