Murderball and My Date With Drew

I just saw 2 really good documentaries. Lately I have been renting mostly Korean movies and documentaries. The ones I just saw were My Date With Drew and Murderball. I'm quite impressed. Murderball doesn't surprise me at all... I knew what it would be and what to expect and I liked it... a great film about some amazing people. My Date With Drew totally caught me off guard. I watched it because it looked like an interesting concept... but I wouldn't have even known about that concept if Blockbuster didn't have an entire wall dedicated to it for some reason... and I'm glad they did. I won't go into too much detail, because I don't want to give anything away, but I was extremely impressed with the movie and with Brian, the main character, who has had a crush on Drew Barrymore since childhood and now has a "borrowed" camcorder from Circuit City which needs to be returned in 30 days and $1,100 he won on the game show Taboo. His goal is to get a date with Drew. Sound stupid? Maybe. But really the concept is quite simple... follow your dreams, no matter how stupid they may sound. It's not just a movie about a guy trying to get a date with a movie star... but about a man with a dream and a goal and what he is willing to do to try and achieve it, no matter the odds (which, by the way, are obviously ridiculously against him). It's brilliant. And it's good to see someone trying for their dream, and it makes me feel really really lazy and wasteful of my time here on Earth... because it really isn't just the goal and attaining your dream which is the greatest part... it's the journey. Sometimes you might fall way short of your goal and still be extremely better off than you were before you attempted the near impossible.

I'm not much one for optimism and for positive introspection... but I do believe that I need to start doing what I love, and not just talk about it. I am going to become a pirate. Oh wait, no... I'm sure I can think of something better to pursue... but give me a sec...