Updating... fun.

I am going through and updating vubui.com as much as I can, trying to somehow meld the blogs I have started into it without too much of an interface problem. I'd like to make it so that somehow if someone likes my videos they will also see that I do photography and mosey on over to see that. And if they like my photography they might check out some of the vids I've posted. And both of those people might also be interested in backpacking and mountainbiking and might check out some of the trips I've been on. I actually get a lot of traffic to my little trip reports... I am guessing most of them are looking for photos and descriptions of the places I had been to, since most of the hits come from search engines. My old host would tell me which search words were used to find the site, this one doesn't. Oh well. I put up a new banner on Videonatomy, but I am afraid that it's too hard to read. I am also debating between the green I have up right now and the same thing with red. I think the red makes it easier to see.

Any suggestions?