Buddha Bar

Damn. It's happening. I am starting to like music I never wanted to like. It's not as bad as it could be... but it's still VERY different from everything I'm used to listening to. I have never had a very broad music taste. I have pretty much been solidly on the "analog instrument" side of things foerever. Ok, not forever, but since high school. When I was younger I had no musical influences in my life at all, and listened to whatever there was to listen to... and I never really fell in love with anything. Then at the end of high school I started to listen to Pink Floyd and other classic rock... and I was hooked. So... I expanded upon classic rock with a little bit of blues... and that was about it for a long time. Then I started to listen more and more to "alternative", and other modern rock... but still had a great distaste for anything electronic. If it wasn't played on strings... it wasn't for me... I could never get into anything electronic. I despised R&B and rap, couldn't stand dance and trance... and greatly disliked disco and pop. I did, however, start listening to more and more classical music... some jazz and a lot more blues... and classic rock started to fade out of my playlists and be replaced by modern rock and alternative... mostly on what Mishel calls emo... or depressing stuff. The last artist I started to really listen to was Grandaddy, some time last month. I maybe add 1 artist to my small list of favorites every 6 months or so.

Back in July... I went on a work trip to Europe... and while in Paris my boss and I went and splurged on dinner at the Buddha Bar. It was an experience. Not only was the food amazing, but the ambience in the place was surreal. The music, of course, had a lot to do with it. Little did I know, Buddha Bar actually puts together "mix CDs" of "ambient" music. Something I had never even heard of, really. Somehow in the excitement of Europe I forgot all about it when I got back.

Then... today... I was looking at the iTunes radio stations... something I had totally skipped for some reason previously... and clicked on Ambient. Doh. Now I'm hooked. I've been listening to Drone Zone and Groove Salas all day, from Soma FM. And some of the stuff they play is Buddha Bar stuff... and now I remember being there... and now I want to listen to this stuff more and more. And it's only been for a few hours. Hmmm... and I also recently ordered a book on Garage Band 2, though it hasn't arrived yet. Time to order some electronica loops! Hahahaha...

Anyhow... Biosphere... Cliff Martinez... damn good stuff. Welcome to something new.