Sony DCR-HC21

So I picked up the brand new Sony lowest end mini-DV camcorder. Why? Because it is amazingly portable, takes great video for its price/size, and is something that I wouldn't worry about carrying around pretty much everywhere I go. Actually my desire for a little camcorder started when I found out that I wouldn't be able to pick up the VX2100 until the end of the month. I was so hoping to have it this week so I could shoot the Chinese New Year festivals this weekend. I figured there might be some really great stuff to shoot there, what with all the people, the colors, the foods, the dragons... etc... and I was really bummed out that I wouldn't be filming it. I then realized that there would be lots of times (the festival would not really be one of them) when lugging the VX around would be a pain, or dangerous, or just not worth it... and it would be great if my ZR worked. This includes daily walking around, working, and my various outdoor backpacking, mountain biking, camping, snowshoeing, etc... trips. Sometimes the VX would be too big, too conspicuous, too expensive or otherwise too inconvenient to bring along and use. I then started thinking about the HC20, which Lan recently had for a short period of time, and how great of a little camera it was. It was really tiny, could literally fit in the palm of your hand, yet delivered decent video. We actually shot the entire Survivor video and all its audio (which really isn't that great) on that HC20. So I figured that would be perfect. It's cheap enough that I won't be too afraid to bring it into some tough spots, but delivers footage that is decent enough for me to use for pretty much anything I'd use it for anyway.

Then I saw the new HC21, which is pretty much an HC20 with a 20x zoom and a few extras, priced just $30 more. Not bad. So I checked it out and picked one up. It's charging up as I type this. I will buy exactly 2 accessories for it, the wide angle adapter for $50 and and extended battery which will cost either $70 or $100, depending on which one I get. That will pretty much be the setup I want/need for this little camera, which will probably do most of the work for my video journal/video blog/vlog/vog.