"Unidentified Error"

Last night sucked. I volunteered for a project at work that ended up taking literally all night and all morning... and I still didn't finish it. All because of oversight. Actually, I didn't get to the point where the oversight came into play until this morning. But it definitely wasted about 5 hours of time, and one day of lateness for the DVD that was supposed to be turned in this morning. Oh well... now I have a better understanding of Adobe Encore DVD 1.5. I learned the hard way. I wouldn't have learned nearly as quickly, though, if it weren't for the generous help of Matt, truly a cool guy. I found his blog by searching for the "unidentified error" that Encore gave me, and he was quick to offer some tips... and one of them was the fix. Woohoo! I think I'll add a link to Matt's site to my links page. Not that it will generate much traffic... but it certainly can't hurt.