Survivor video is done!!!

So it's the second day of the new year. Hmmm... doesn't feel all that different really. I just realized that I used to really like clicky keyboards. I wonder when the last time I actually had a clicky keyboard was. Probably not for a while. Anyhow... the Survivor video is done. It didn't come out the way I expected, but it is good nonetheless. I was definitely good practice in shooting and editing. I can't post the video just yet, though... at least not visibly... not without permission. Maybe in a month or two after the selection has been completed. I don't think he will mind, it's a pretty fun video. If you want to see it, email me and depending on who you are I may or may notl email you a link to it. That's the best I can do for now. It definitely came out a lot better than the stupid snowshoeing video. The intro is the best part by far. Probably because we shot that with the editing in mind already. We shot most of the rest of it just as footage that we pieced together and edited into a finished work. The intro was done before we had even shot the rest of the footage. Can you tell that I'm happy about the intro?

It was really fun to shoot, too. Not just because we all get along and had fun while doing it, but watching, even from the inside, the Bui Brothers at work is kinda funny. I wish we had made a documentary about how we made that intro, because the way it came together and the way the ideas popped out one after the other... from our original idea, which was very minimal, to our final ideas, which produced the final work, was cool. After this I have more confidence that after a few more practice type projects we will be ready for something more complex and in depth. The video for work will be great. The only thing I'm worried about is the lighting right now. It will be indoors, and I unfortunately know nothing about lighting for film or video. Guess I should get a book or something.