So one of the two weddings we were scheduled to shoot in April has canceled on us. Apparently the padrino thought we were charging too much, so they went off to hire some Photo y Video place that will charge half as much and will deliver a quarter of the quality... if that. So be it. Then, we finally got a date for the other wedding we are shooting, and it is the day before Lan's wedding. So now he will not be shooting the reception of Alyssa's wedding... I'll have to handle that, along with the video, apparently... on my own. If she still wants us. The wedding promises to be grand, though... being at Crystal Cove and all. We'll see what will happen on that front. Then, there is someone at work who wants to hire us to shoot (photo and video) his daughter's first birthday in January. He may also want me to edit some footage of his daughter's birth (not the graphic stuff, but the before and after stuff). I guess we'll find out if we are going to do that project or not within the next week.

This weekend, we are supposed to be shooting a Survivor audition video for a friend. That will definitely be fun. Then we have the work DVDs that will hopefully happen in February.

Hopefully things are going to pick up for White Mountain Studios. I want 2005 to be the year that WMS goes from a dream to reality... and then some. Now, with us picking up the video side... we should be full serviced enough to handle anything that comes our way.