First video edited... and done.

Over Thanksgiving weekend Lan, Jarr and I went to Big Bear on a little snowshoeing trip. Lan and Jarr had just bought their snowshoes and wanted to try them out. We took our cameras as always... and we took the Canon ZR 25 camcorder... even though it is dying (the heads are dying and have a lot of trouble staying clean). We were shooting video just for fun, being our usual dumb selves... and about halfway through the trip... actually more like 3/4 of the way... Lan got the idea to have a video editing competition using the crappy footage we were shooting. We would all three have the same raw footage, and we could edit it any way we liked, adding any sound we wanted... and we had 2 weeks to do it. It was meant to motivate us to practice editing video. Well... we totally ignored the competition for over a week, then on Monday night I started to work on it, and after I showed Lan and Jarr my 23 seconds of edited footage with soundtrack... they started theirs. I have now finished my version, and though I am not really all that happy with it, it was my very first time using Adobe Premiere... and my first time editing video... and so I guess it could be much worse. In total I believe I spent about 5 hours on it. Half of that was spent reading the Premiere book and figuring out how to do what I wanted to do. Here is my version of the video... Big Bear Video (14MB)

We are set to have a premiere of all three videos this Saturday at Tony's house, and none of them will know whose is whose... and they will be judged. I am pretty sure that Lan will win. Not only does he have a considerable amount of experience with Premiere already, but he apparently took the project much more seriously than me and has spent a lot of time already... and is spending a lot more, from the looks of it. He took an entirely different approach from mine... and chose some really great music. Basically he did a better job. No worries, though, this project is going to spawn off a few more for us... and we are going to work towards a short film this summer... besides the corporate video projects we have planned... so I will have more than enough opporunity to show him up... if I can. I guess this will be the start of my video life... if all goes well. So now there's photo and video. Guess I should take some photos and shoot some video. Yeah.