Big Bear Snowshoeing video editing contest

It is already the end of November. Damn that was fast. It's as if November hardly existed. The long weekend didn't seem so long at all... and this week is breezing by. Lan and Jarr and I went to Big Bear for a short snowshoeing trip this past Saturday, and we brought the video camera... and halfway through the trip we decided to try and do a little video competition, mostly to practice using Adobe Premeire. The point is to all edit the same footage into a VERY short movie (maybe 3 or 4 minutes) and have the 3 movies judged by various people and see who does the best job. Jarr is too damn lazy though, and dropped out while we were on the way home. As for Lan and I... well I started to work on it last night... but we have 2 weeks, and hopefully I'll have it done in time. Only Lan hasn't actually started. I guess I should get to it then.