I biked Chutes today... alone... and it kicked my ass... and that is sad. I used to do the 3 bs like they were nothing... ok... that's not true... but they were nothing to my legs, just my lungs and head, especially in the heat. Oh well, I'll get back there again, but it looks like it's going to take a bit of time. The thing I may be most happy about right now is the fact that I actually get up off my ass and work out alone. I run alone, bike alone, hike alone... and that is something I have never had the motivation to do. It's not as though I like being alone now opposed to having company, it's just that it is now worth it to me to go alone, whereas before I just thought it would be too boring... and of course, I was pretty lazy. Well, we'll see if Nick really wants to bike tomorrow. If so, I will have to pay another visit to the 3 bs.