Tomorrow will be a week after I did my 15 mile hike to Santiago Peak, and I have still not fully healed from it. That didn't stop me, though, from attempting to hike to Bedford Peak today, which at a mere 3,600' pales in comparison to last weeks hike, but was still lots of fun because I went with Tony, Leslie, Bonny and Jarr. Unfortunately, Bonny started feeling sick about a mile and a half into the hike, after about 1000' of gain, so I walked her back to the car, which she took home, then I turned around and hauled ass on up to try and catch up. I left the parking lot an hour and ten minutes behind them, but caught up 15 minutes after they turned around before finding the peak to head back to the car before dark, an hour and fifteen minutes later. No matter, I can always try this one again, maybe I'll look at a map or something next time. Today I learned that trekking poles are awesome. I picked up a pair of Leki Super Makalu COR-TEC poles, and they are pretty damn cool. It's amazing how much stress they can take off of your knees, and that is what I really need. My recently injured knee is doing pretty good, but my childhood injured knee is doing very bad....

This coming weekend I will be snowshoeing with Josh... dunno where yet. Maybe I'll get to go back to White Mountain, but it doesn't matter to me. I just want to get out and do something, especially since I won't be able to take off any Saturdays for a while now that I have this big project at work. Friday leave work, pick up shoes then leave direct from REI. Good plan.

I guess it's time to post some new photography to the site. I will undoubtedly take some great pics while snowshoeing... snow is good. Maybe I even got a few decent shots today, though I doubt it. I think I may have only taken 10 shots or so... how pathetic.