Oops, guess it's not tomorrow. Guess I lied. Guess I'm stating the obvious. Guess I'm not really guessing at all, am I? I have started becoming more active again. With 2 biking and 3 running days in the past week and a day, I feel pretty good. I even worked out at Tony's twice in the past week. I really do need to get back to the shape I was in a few months ago, then get into the shape I was working towards back then. Maybe it will really happen this time if I don't do something stupid like jump over a fence and jack up my knee... which seems to finally be healing nicely. The running and biking haven't hurt it just yet, though an attempted flying spin kick at Lan did pull a little in a painful area, but only very briefly.

I watched a bunch of videos I downloaded of mountain bikers and "urban mountain bikers" doing some crazy trails and tricks, and the feelings I got reminded me of when I tried to start skating 2 years ago and watched all those skateboard videos. They give you a bit of a feeling of invincibility, and they seem to instill some dangerously large amounts of false confidence. I will say, though, that I benefited from the false confidence yesterday on Chutes, because I became much better at dropping off of little tiny things, which I used to just roll down, and now I kind of hop off a bit. What a difference. I really want to ride Mathis, and finally try Rock-It. We'll see, gotta get a little more into it again first. Strangely enough both times at Santiago Oaks this past week I have been able to ride both b1 and b2. At the peak of my riding (all 4 months of it) I could do 2 and 3, but not 1. Strange, huh? I expect to be able to do all three by the beginning of February. I hope to also be able to climb Mathis again, non-stop, in February. Then I want to be able to do laps up Mathis and down Cholla and Rock-It. Ah... to dream... but who knows, if I stick with it, it shouldn't be all that hard. I was making lots of progress all summer, even towards the end there before I got hurt. Hadn't seen a plateau yet.

Running is going well, I ran 30 minutes today, I think I did 2.75 miles. I could be wrong, I'll have to measure it with the bike one of these days. The plan is to run with Asminda Monday through Thursday, but with the new baby I don't know how possible that will be. She couldn't run today for some reason unbeknownst to me, and tomorrow she and her baby have a doctor's appt. We should be able to run on Wednesday and Thursday then, but we'll have to see about that. The big problem is that I am right now at a higher level than her, and if I continue to run more than her the gap between us will likely only widen, which means I will not be getting all that much of a workout when I run with her. No bother, though, it will still be enjoyable, and if she gets in much better shape because of it, it will be worth it. Josh spent lots of time waiting around for me while biking, time for me to do the same for someone... at least until I become so damn awesome that I will have to wait for everyone, including Josh. Actually, now that he will soon be a daddy, that may even be possible... ha ha ha ha haaaaa! My master plan has worked! In order to slow Josh down I slipped him a concoction of Viagra, some fertility drugs and ginseng so that he would become a daddy. It worked! It was so much easier than breaking his legs, too...