I'm a bit pissed off. I bought buistudios.com a few years ago, but this time, when it came time to renew, I somehow didn't get the email. Maybe it was Yahoo!'s spam filter. Anyhow, basically I didn't know until the name was expired. Lan found out because his email stopped working. Kinda sucked. Anyhow, I decided it wasn't worth it to pay $20 to register.com to continue with them, so I had to wait the 45 day holding period until the name would become available to be purchased through another registrar. I figured this would be ok, how many people out there want the web name buistudios.com? I guess there was at least one. On day 46 I went to buy the name back, and found that it had already been registered by "Domain Reg LLC". A brief search for this name led me to sites of other people who had also lost their domains to Domain Reg LLC because for whatever reason they didn't renew in time. You can read about others' experiences here and here. While I know they didn't "steal" anything from me and they seem to be perfectly within legal right to do what they are doing, it is still a shitty thing and it pisses me off. Oh well... I have more to write but I just got off the phone after a long conversation and now it's past time for bed. More to follow... tomorrow.