I fixed my camcorder... or actually I just broke it some more, but it is much more useful now. I had never had a problem with a Canon product until the LCD crapped out on the cheap little ZR20 camcorder I bought to make my cross country trip to New York (that never happened). It basically always thought that the LCD was always swiveled around to the front so the image always displayed upside down. It was quite a pain in the ass. So, I opened it up and found that the little spring inside was broken somehow, so it wouldn't push the switch back to its normal position after being swiveled around to the front. Well, lacking any other immediate options, I removed the switch lever, so now it will always be right side up. Not a big deal, just can't let people see themselves on the screen as I record them. Never used it much anyway, and at least now it works for me. I am trying to think of a good idea for a 5 minute simple set script, but something is wrong with whatever creative juices my brain may be able to muster... gonna have to sit on it some more. I'm also going to have to work on Premiere some more so I will be able to do a decent job of editing whatever I do end up shooting, if anything.


I tried to give the site a bit more festiveness (or is it festivity? festivosity?) with some red and green, but it looks horrible. Oh well, it'll just be for a week or two. Maybe this will give me the motivation to actually change the look of the entire site soon. Maybe...