Trying to start learning Adobe Premiere, just began this morning. I think I may need a book or guide or something. I've captured some video from the camcorder, done some simple editing... but I don't think this will be another just figure it all out on your own type softwares like... well pretty much like any other software I've ever used, including Dreamweaver which I'm using right now. I think I'd get a lot more out of all these applications if I only read some lit on them... but that takes so much time... If all goes well I will be able to pick up a Canon GL2 next month. It will not be easy, but hopefully I can make it happen. If all goes well I will also fix my bike and ride it tomorrow. I have a lot of catching up to do. I was getting in pretty decent biking shape back then... and now it's all gone. Oh well, did it before, do it again, right?


I'm really going to try and keep the PAW going for 2004. A solid 52 images. Shouldn't be too hard, I shot almost 5 gigs of pics this year. Actually, that's not really all that impressive considering that I used to have a 1GB Microdrive for the G1, so that would only be 5 full cards. Not that much when you look at it that way, so I guess I won't. I need to start working on quality, not quantity, anyway, so judging by the number of pics is not really going to help me. How many images did I shoot this year that I really like? That I would want on my wall? Or better yet, that I would want on someone else's wall? I don't think there's a single one outside of the trip photos that I like for their content, not their aesthetic qualities. I remembered yesterday that I had hoped to send out matted and framed photos this year as Christmas gifts... but I have nothing worthy, and that is sad. I need to get out a bit more again. Sierras, Inyo Whites, anywhere...