My head has been buzzing with ideas for short films I would like to make. The chances of me actually being able to do what I want with one of them is very very slim, but it's still nice to think of the possibilities. I actually have no idea where I would even start... I know that a lot of work goes into even the smallest of scenes, if you want things to look, sound and feel good. The last thing I'd want is to make something cheesy, because I really do hate cheesy lines, scenes, comments, acting, ideas, etc... There is almost no chance that I will be able to go to film school any time soon, so I guess I will have to just wing it and hope for the best. I guess I will probably start with a video similar to Josh's awesome White Mountain 2003 video. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't hurt my knee and was able to go on all the trips we had planned, might have made for some great video and pics... er... probably better not to wonder stuff like that... might realize that a stupid little move on the tennis court cost me a lot of fun... I think I may look for a book or something about filmmaking basics though, if such a thing exists (it has to). They have great ones for photography, and though video is an entirely different beast, there has to be something decent out there written for the beginner. I have ideas for scenes though that I have no idea how I could film without spending a lot of money, and I don't even mean sets or props or anything like that. I'm just referring to certain camera movements and stuff... dunno how I'm gonna do it.


I'm going to fix my bike this weekend, then I'm going to ride it. Probably Chutes or something. That is, of course, if I successfully fix the bike. I really need to get back into exercise. Working my current hours (4am to around 3 or 4pm) doesn't leave me much time for working out, especially not at Tony's. Hopefully I'll start doing stuff again soon enough though, I'm getting fat again... er... not that I had already gotten not fat.

Speaking of being fat... it's fun to look back through pics of myself for the past few years. I change a lot. Not just weight, but hair styles and colors, facial hair, clothes, moods... all making for very different looks at different times of my life. Some people could meet me one day and then see me a few months later and not recognize me at all. It's happened before, especially when I went to Hollywood and turned into a hermit bum. So... I like having pics of myself because, like I said, it's fun to look back at the changes. Anyhow, last night I decided to really try and take a decent self portrait, but as I should have expected, I just messed around in front of the camera for a little while and didn't really do much anything serious at all. I did manage, however, to take one shot I thought was ok and so I put it up on the bio page. Now with that pic up there I really should rewrite my stupid bio.. it really doesn't fit the pic. Or maybe that's the way it should be...