Still working on writing up those trips. Actually, I haven't even started writing yet, I have only been resizing images and creating thumbnails so far. I think thumbnails will work better than large images all on one page, especially if there is text involved. There's the big image way, and there's the text link way, and I think the thumbnail way may be a very good compromise. I guess we'll have to see. I actually ended up spending a bunch of time today just working on getting the new system to work properly. I was having problems with the network and internet. I disabled the onboard NIC (I hate onboard shit) and threw in an old 3com card, and things seem to work perfectly now. I guess I could have just messed around with the IRQ settings, but this just seemed easier. The new system is quite a bit faster than the old in every way, and it makes editing pics in PS much much easier. I'm guessing that when I start doing some video editing I will appreciate the speed even more, even though I will have no frame of reference. Maybe I should keep the old motherboard so that when I go to edit some video for the first time I can use the old system for a while, then switch over so I can really appreciate the new one. Eh... that sounds like too much work for nothing.

Hopefully I will have time to work on the bike soon so I can start riding again. The knee is feeling quite a bit better, and I need to get on the bike again. It's been over 2 months. Not cool. Then I need to get the new camcorder and start doing stupid things and recording them, so that I can make fun and cool DVDs.

Oh well, time to go to bed now... must wake up early tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to actually edit some pics and maybe write up at least one trip report. Probably for the latest trip, the one to Big Sur... even though Lan has already written it up on his site.