Wow... 2 weeks without so much as a journal entry on the site. That's what happens when your computer system dies. It's actually not even fixed yet, I'm doing this from Lan's system, I just needed to upload some pics and write some crap here, before the site goes into hibernation again, which I really don't want. Anyhow, I've done quite a bit in the past couple weeks. First, I went to San Jacinto with Lan, Jarr and Bonny. We attempted the peak from the Palm Springs Aerial Tram Mountain Station, but failed. I think I'll write up a little story on that in the Adventures section soon. Then, this past weekend, I went with Jarr, Tony and Kevin to attempt the same damn thing, and again failed. This time it was snowy. I won't go into a story here, I'll leave that for the write up. I did, however, take some pics since I last updated the site, at both trips of course, and also one day at Peters Canyon. Guess I'll show a few here, even though there is nothing all that great...

First, the initial San Jacinto trip... didn't come up with much of interest:

It was a fun trip, but I didn't do much, photographically speaking. Then, one day coming home from work, as I was passing Peters Canyon, I saw this:

This past weekend, on the second SJac trip, I took even less pics than on the first trip, but I think the few I shot came out a bit more decent. The first one was obviously just from goofing around, but it was interesting to me... the last one was done through an Oakley VR28 lens, though I undid a bit of the effect with PS Levels:

The second and third shots are basically of the same view, taken about 2.5 hours apart. One on the way up the mountain, one on the way back. Even without the filter, the 2 shots would be very different, just from how much the clouds and light had changed.

I really wished I had done more with the camera on these 2 trips, but what with the cold and the pain and the lack of oxygen, I don't think I was really all there. As if to prove this point, I shot these when we stopped at the highest point of our hike... at 10,200' above sea level. I feel that at that elevation, and higher, we truly become ourselves (ie. stupid), so I have posted this collection of images in the bio section for anyone who happens upon the site and wonders who I am. I really want to rewrite that bio, guess I'll get to it eventually...