Last night was a lot of fun. Scaring the crap out of kids is a pleasure that can be enjoyed only on rare and special occasions... Halloween being one of them. For the first time I really tried to use the G3 for non-flash nighttime people photography, and it did... ok. The problems are the max ISO of 400 and the max aperture of 2.0. Last night I really really really missed my M6, but oh well. It would have been nice to be able to shoot at exposures shorter than a second, but that's what I get for shooting digi. Thanks to motion blur, most of the shots from the night came out pretty crappy... but I liked a few:

The show we put on was quite a hit with both kida and parents. You know you have a good show when the kids come back, but not for the candy, but just to check things out again. In the second photo above you can kinda see the setup we had. Scarecrow man was on the left, coffin with monster inside was on the right, the wicked witch was handing out candy in the middle. We also had the tombstones and Christian played the little dead kid. All in all we had a great time, and so did the kids who came by. Some were too scared to come in, some weren't scared at all. It was the skeptical kids that were the most fun. While I was the scarecrow it was most fun when the kids would debate with one another whether I was real or not. Somehow that was even more satisfying than when I'd yell out and jump at people. Being in the coffin was a lot of fun though, nothing like a scary monster jumping out of a coffin to make kids drop loads in their Spiderman pants.


Tomorrow morning Josh and I will be going on a little photo excursion. Hopefully much inspiration will be found and amazing photographs will be created. Either that, or at least we should do something so entirely stupid that it will be memorable enough to look back on and laugh, but not so stupid that we have to look back on and cry about. "Boo hoo, remember when I lost my leg because you said it would be safe to jump over the croc infested waters to get a better angle of them feeding on that other guy who fell in?"