Josh and I decided to go do some dusk and night photography tonight, and we learned a good lesson or two in preparation. We were actually quite lucky to not have to learn the hard way... ending up dead in a ditch by either a car or monster or crazed chainsaw wielding undead serial killer. Notes for next time:

When doing night photography in the cold, bring a jacket. A sweater may also work. When doing night photography along a road, bring and wear reflective clothing. A flashlight may also help you more safely return to your car, and be able to see where you parked. When doing night photography along a little 2 way highway with no shoulder where you need to walk a half mile back to your car after dark, be prepared to accept that you may not be the smartest person you know. It was a lot of fun though, and I'm glad we went. Unfortunately I think I had more fun with just going out there than I did actually taking photos. For some reason I had a lack of motivation and enthusiasm for taking pictures on that little stretch of road. I think it's because I made a bad choice of a subject, which is my fault. I didn't come up with much of anything good, but I kinda liked these:

After we safely returned to our trucks and began our merry way back home, I stopped along Santiago Canyon to take some pics of a scene that caught my eye. While I was shooting the moon came out from behind the clouds, and I shot a bunch of pics of some nice scenes using the moon. Unfortunately it was right before the moon because once again entirely obscured by clouds I realized that though I had set the camera to manual focus, I had forgotten to set the focus to infinity, so all the shots I had done were out of focus, I think it was focusing at 2 meters or something. I quickly fixed that and shot some more, but I couldn't get anything as good as what I thought I'd had while shooting out of focus. I have to say that it was quite enjoyable standing there at the edge of the shoulder of Santiago Canyon Road waiting for the moon to come back out while I shot the profiles of various hills and then some car lights passing by. I guess I'm really back in the mood to do some photo, it was damn cold out there and I still hung out at that spot for 30 minutes waiting for the moon before I gave up and took off to go home. On the way home I stopped again to take a few shots of the "city lights", but I didn't particularly care for any of those shots.

These are between 8 and 15 second exposures:


I look back at this month and see that I wrote quite a bit compared to the rest of this year. That's good, it sucks when this site dies... though I guess I don't know why it's so great when it's working. This will probably be the last entry for this month, since tomorrow is Halloween and I probably won't have time to write tomorrow night. Hopefully next month goes as well as this month did for the site.