Yesterday, when I walked out of work, I was treated to the only good thing I've seen come of these raging SoCal fires as of yet... a post-apocaliptic-esque color scheme painted all over everything in sight. It was weird and cool... so I set off driving home and hoped to find something decent to shoot to record the event. I ended up taking only 5 pics, of which I liked only one, but it was still an interesting drive home. Here's the shot: fierysunandtwotrees.jpg

It's ok, but I was hoping for something better. The colors have not been altered, I only adjusted the contrast a little bit. It was trippy driving down Santiago Canyon, because everything was red but the headlights, which all seemed to radiate a crystal clear blue light... very strange and contrasty to the red surroundings. Seeing the red sun reflected off cars as they passed was also a bit disarming... all in all it was a very memorable experience.

So... this morning when I woke up and saw that even outside of my apartment things were turning red, Lan and I decided to go back to Santiago Canyon and shoot some more pics, this time earlier in the morning so the sun would be lower and easier to frame behind some decent foregrounds. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as red and there wasn't nearly as much smoke or effect today, but I took more pics (should have done that yesterday) and maybe a few came out ok... so here are the best in my opinion (again, only contrast has been adjusted:


Maybe tomorrow when I get out of work there will be more interesting shots to be had... guess we'll see. It's sad that so much nature had to be destroyed because of some assholes, but since it happened anyway, I'm glad I at least got to make the best of the opportunity that was presented to me.


Lan and Bonny backpacked up in San Jacinto this weekend, and Josh and Jarr went up to White Mountain to take part in a study on effects of elevation on stuff... while I worked. I had decided yesterday that I would go hiking today, just a day hike up at San Jacinto... unfortunately because of the fires I guess they aren't issuing any new permits up there. Damn fires. They make for great pics but not much else they effect comes out for the better.

The Halloween stuff is coming out quite nicely... last night Tony, Kevin and I made the coffin and the scarecrow stand. Now we just need to do some tombstones and we'll be set. Hopefully it will be pretty fun so that next year we can try to do it even better. I've never done anything fun for Halloween, so the future of Halloween for me may hinge on how well this first attempt goes...