Today Tony and I set 2 month goals for both our weights and our weightlifting. We have until December 22, a Monday, to meet these goals, which we believe are realistic. I am going to weigh 195 and bench 175 3 complete consecutive sets of 10... Tony will weigh 170 and bench 170. I think these are realistic goals... maybe even a bit wussy on my part. I now really regret not working out all these years, because I am a weakling as a result. Right now I weigh 210, and can only bench 3 sets of 10 reps of 145 lbs. I didn't even want to admit these here in the journal, but if it's here I'll hopefully be able to look back some day and laugh at it... or maybe cry if I crap out again. In order to reach my weight goal I'll need 2 major things... progress on healing my knee (so I can run) and a little more control on my diet. I've kinda gotten back into fast food again, and I need to break that. Tomorrow is payday and I'm going to go buy some food to cook, and hopefully I'll be able to make myself cook on at least Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. That way I'll be able to bring lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I guess we'll see... but having someone else to benchmark and "compete" with will definitely help. Not that Tony and I would ever compete... no way... --------------------

Gonna get me a pair of Monster Dogs tomorrow... yeah...

On the photo front... lots of ideas forming again... can't stop thinking about it now. Lan says we have a gig coming up, and that won't help curb my enthusiasm. It's sad, because I've probably forgotten more about photo than I have actually retained, but I'll get it back with a bit of practice. I just wish I could afford an F-1 right now. Oh well, it's just the 15mm and 21mm for me for now, that's definitely an exercise! Got some Fuji Superia 400 loaded up and ready to go... this weekend will be photo time. Gotta get warmed up for Halloween, I'm guessing there will be lots of opportunity for some very fun photo. Now I really wish I had my M6 with the 35mm 1.7 Ultron amd 50mm Summicron loaded with some Tri-X pushed 3 stops. Damnit! I wonder what I will get with Tri-X @ 3200 with the 15mm which only gets down to f/4.5... hmmmm... I guess I'll find out.