The big REI used gear sale was quite a disappointment for me... but Lan, Jarr and Bonny all seemed to be happy with it. I was hoping to get at least one core item that I need (tent, bag, boots or pack), but all I got was a stove without a pump that I returned, and a decent deal on a shirt and a pair of pants. Lan got a bag and pack, Bonny got boots and a pack, and Jarr got an awesome deal on a stove and some titanium cookwear. Oh well. Guess it just wasn't meant to be... I guess I may be meant to pay full price for all the stuff I need. Now I just need to figure out where to get the money to afford to pay for it all. --------------------

Josh got his F-1... I saw it today and it made me very jealous. It is such a solid and confidence inspiring instrument to hold... I really need to get one soon, There's a stack of Tri-X calling my name... and it's getting hard to sleep with all that racket. This problem is for another day though... right now I have biking on my mind, for tomorrow I ride again...