Today I saw a video camera photo of the place up at Mt. Banner that the gay trio (sorry Eric, I may not know you, but I do know you're gay) went up to. Damn it looks beautiful up there... and I am more sorry than ever that I didn't get to go. And all for what, a few bucks I made in the 2 days working? It's not like I'll get to enjoy those bucks... they will be gone right when I get them, and probably not even for anything cool. Talk about missed opportunity, especially photo opportunity. Yeah... the G3 wouldn't be the best camera for taking breathtaking landscape photos, but they would be better than nothing, and I still have the Bessa L and 21mm and 15mm. Oh well... I will go next time... er... I hope. Josh gets his F-1 today or tomorrow or something, so there will be another trip planned soon, and I don't think I'll get to go to that either. It would be nice to at least get to go to the REI used gear sale this weekend, but what would it matter anyway, I have no $$. Damn... can't have fun because I have to go to work... but even going to work doesn't allow me to afford to have fun. I think I need a new profession... again. --------------------

I just finished adding a random image generator to my home page... damn that was easy. All this time I just kinda thought of it as a project, but it turns out that it was as simple as putting a file in a directory then using a single line of code to point to that file... which selects a random image out of the directory. No renaming files or changing code... just put whatever I want in the directory and it will automatically be handled randomly... sounds kinky, I know. Anyhow, it's late now, because I spent a good half hour resizing some pics so I'd actually have some images to randomly generate... I guess I'll add more later. It's now time for bed...