I'm going shooting today with Martin... and possibly a little offroading. It should be good and relaxing, though not as nice as a 3 day backpacking trip to Mt. Banner with a bunch of lucky bastards would have been. Oops, that probably came out sounding bitter and resentful... oh well. Actually, Lan and I were talking and we realized that if you know the Bui Brothers but still insist on going backpacking up in the Sierras without them even though they wanted to go but couldn't... you are gay. It was so easy to come to this conclusion that I have no idea how I hadn't thought of it earlier.


Driving fast on a dry lakebed is a pleasure that relatively few people will ever experience. I couldn't go quite as fast as I would have liked because Martin and his son Randy were in the car, but it was exhilarating nonetheless (and maybe it was a good thing I was limited). I think it has to do with the perspective of going so fast with such a wide expanse of flat emptiness all around you... or maybe I just like to drive fast on dirt. Either way, I need to go back and be really stupid and see how fast I can go before I lose control and die.


Most people, when asked what the most important thing about a friend is, would probably tell you something along the lines of, "a friend is someone you can trust." Another thing people might say would be that a friend is someone who accepts your faults and someone who's faults you can accept. So... what if you have a potential (due to a conflict in definition) friend who's fault that you are willing to accept is their untrustworthiness (real word?) with certain things? What if you know that there are certain issues you just can't trust them with, because you know they can't control themselves, but you are willing to accept that? That kinda goes against friend definition #1... the whole trust thing. But I guess a real friend wouldn't nitpick about such nonsense, huh?